Free Printable Excel Time Tracking Template

Whether you’re an independent consultant, contractor, a consulting company or small business that bills its clients based on time and expenses, having an effective process in place to track all your billable hours and customer’s expenses is a necessary requirement. However, manual tracking has proven to be terribly inefficient: it’s time-consuming, tedious and error prone […]

Free Printable Cash Receipt Template

If you have or are getting ready to start a small business you will need to have some form of receipt to give to your customers, not only does this leave you with a record of your sales but it will also give your customer proof of purchase as well as a receipt for their […]

Free Customizable Professional CV Template

If you are in the process of applying for different jobs, you can use a professional CV template to create effective resumes. Most often, you would have a standard set of information to which you would make minor modifications to fine-tune the resume for each particular job. At times like this, it makes sense to […]

Free CV Template to Download with Ms Word Format

Almost people who tend to seek a job understand that resume is the decisive factor to whether you can make it to the interview round or not. Moreover, don’t forget that resume and resume is “two sides of the one” which show your outstanding capability. However, not everyone can know how to make his resume […]

Free Printable Certificate of Participation Template

In the recent times, a growing number of organizations have discovered the potential of improved online class and training management solutions to streamline processes. From vocational schools to multinational corporations, organizations of varied nature and scale are seen opting for enhanced solutions that come equip with useful features. As an administrator, you must know that […]

Free Printable Certificate Templates for Word

Printable certificates are of different types and purposes. Where you should be looking for the right ones depends on what you are looking for. For all intents and purposes, a printable certificate should look real, presentable and authentic. If you want printable certificates for kids, then you can easily find several online websites that offer […]

Free Customizable Certificate of Achievement Template

A great teacher is one who acknowledges and rewards EVERY single student that he or she works with – and that includes the ‘naughty’ ones. Yes, the naughty ones can be rewarded for all sorts of things – good behaviour, a positive change in attitude, hard work or more focus on subject. There are so […]

Free Customizable Multiple Choice Quiz Template

You have almost certainly taken part in multiple choice quizzes and tests in your time. It is also possible that you have also been involved in setting the questions. If so, you probably already realise how difficult it can be to write effective questions. If you are not careful the answers can be too easy […]

Free Editable Contract Proposal Template

Federal contracts are a very lucrative business. However, learning how to acquire projects takes time, effort and investment. Proposal writing for government contracts is by no means a simple process. However, if you attempt to respond to the agency’s Request for Proposal (RFP), you will have to bring more to the table than just having […]

Simple Business Plan Template Word

If you are creating a business plan it certainly does take some significant time to find out all the correct information to include in it. This is where a simple business plan template can save you considerable time and effort. If you are limited on time, the consider using a template to get things done […]