Free Editable Brochure Layout Template

Free Printable Brochure TemplateA brochure is your best opportunity to provide your readers with enough information to establish clear communication about products or services. A brochure can range in size and page count so there is a great deal of flexibility. However, remember that an effective layout is crucial to ensure that the information or message is effectively communicated and read. Here are some brochure layout tips.

Decide on the size and brochure style. Will it be 8.5x 11″ or 11x 17″? How many pages? Do you want to make it booklet form? There are many options and you need to look at each one carefully to decide which best suits your particular situation or project.

Make sure you design the layout for the page size you intend to use. In other words if you designed the brochure for a 6×9″ format but then used letter sized paper, the end result would be disappointing. It may seem obvious, but these types of errors happen more often than you might think. It’s best to give a lot of forethought into the overall design.

Allow for bleed. If you intend to use graphic elements which will go to the edge of the paper, remember that most printers cannot print all the way to the edge so you typically use over-sized paper and then trim it to size.

Make sure the images you use are high resolution. Many images on the Internet are about 75 to 90 dpi. This is sufficient for viewing on a web page. However, if you cut and pasted this type of image to use on a brochure, it would print poorly.

In general make certain that all pictures and graphics you use are at least of a 300 dpi resolution. This will ensure that they will print out clearly and add to the overall effectiveness and attractiveness of your brochure.

Choice of fonts can make a huge difference – Times Roman and Helvetica are very popular fonts. However, experiment with other font styles and allow for creativity to seep into your overall design. Check out what your competitors might be doing or what fonts are used in brochures you find attractive. You may find other font styles which greatly enhance the look of your brochure.

A good balance of text and graphics is key to a successful brochure. Your audience does not simply want to read only text nor can you expect them to get a clear message with only images. A suitable balance of strong headlines, effective graphics, and clear, precise text is key to getting your message across in the best possible manner.

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