Free Customizable Multiple Choice Quiz Template

You have almost certainly taken part in multiple choice quizzes and tests in your time. It is also possible that you have also been involved in setting the questions. If so, you probably already realise how difficult it can be to write effective questions. If you are not careful the answers can be too easy […]

Literature Review Template

The literature review is a crucial part of any research. The literature review is vital for two reasons, 1) establish the status quo and 2) identify the gaps in the status quo. Really, it is the gaps we are after. If after a literature review we do not identify a research gap then there really […]

Literature Review Format

Starting and creating a literature review can be a tricky problem. For a start you need to know what your review should achieve and what sources you are going to use. The first step is always to revisit the research Aims and Objectives and ask yourself: 1. What do you want to find out? 2. […]

Literature Review Example for Research Proposal

The Fastest Way to Write Your Literature Review In this article, you’ll learn how to easily construct literature review templates that you can use over and over again to make your academic writing assignment, thesis, or dissertation as simple and as easy as possible. Step one: Before we start, you need to ask your two […]

The Use of Report Card Template for Students and Employees

For those of you who want a different report card than your friends, there is plenty beautiful yet unique report card template that you are able to use. A report card is very important for students also for employees. By having a report card, someone will know their point or value in their job. For […]

How to Create A Literature Review Outline for Beginners

Before creating a literature review, you might want to understand the main idea of the content from the literature itself. A literature review can be the first step that you might want to take before you write a paper or research proposal. If you want to start to make the literature review, you should know […]