Free Blank Transmittal Form

Main contents of a letter of transmittal will include: • Introduction with names and addresses of persons receiving accompanying document and names and address of sender, name of accompanying document etc. • Body Paragraph: Include information about methods used to gather and present information • Conclusion Paragraph/ Call to Action. Write clearly what type of […]

Free Blank Field Trip Permission Slip Template

Educational field trips to the District of Columbia can be an amazing experience for organizers, chaperons and students. All you need to do to be successful is have a well thought-out plan in place. The following is an excellent example. 1. Decide on the attractions you want to see during your Washington DC school trip. […]

Free Printable Employee Evaluation Form

Employees should regularly be told how they are working, and how they can improve in the future. One great way of evaluating their performance is by offering them feedback with the help of employee evaluation forms. These forms should not be filled only once or twice in the entire career of an employee. In fact, […]

Simple Job Description Format Template

The procedure of composing job descriptions is actually fairly simple and straight-forward. Many individuals often start off with a list of 20-30 jobs, which is all right as a beginning, but this needs refining to far less points, around 8-12 is the suitable. Smaller companies generally need staff and supervisors to cover a larger or […]

Fillable Direct Deposit Form Template

Direct Deposit is an electronic paying method whereby the employees receive their salary directly into their bank account. A special agency is involved in handling the payroll system. Basically, the pay of the employee is directly transferred into his concerned bank account through electronic fund transfer facility. This facility of direct deposit is safe, fast […]

Free Printable Time Card Template

At the heart of all employee time clock software programs is the ability to access employee time and attendance information for payroll, labor costing, and even client billing. If gathering the information you need to effectively manage your business is a burden or the result of redundant processes, then you’re less likely to experience the […]

Free Printable Silent Auction Forms

Silent auction forms include the name of the event or organization for which the fund is being raised, description of the item to be auctioned, estimated fair market value of the item, minimum bid, bidding increments and space for the bidder to place his bid. The bidders need to specify their names and bid amount […]

Free Printable Holiday Request Form

Effective Strategies For Managing Employee Vacation Requests Managing employee vacation requests can be a real headache for however is responsible for the task. There is not much thanks when you are able to grant requests, but when you have to refuse them there is often complaints. If you have been awarded this responsibility it can […]

How to Make Proper Vacation Request Form

Your employees are human too, so they should have their rights for free time to vacation or time off from their daily business or work. As an employer, you must give permission for the employers to get some time off. There are some conditions in the time off suitable as the employer’s time off reasons. […]