Free Printable Certificate of Achievement Template

Student Certificates of Achievement

Free printable certificate of achievement template in WordA great teacher is one who acknowledges and rewards EVERY single student that he or she works with – and that includes the ‘naughty’ ones. Yes, the naughty ones can be rewarded for all sorts of things – good behaviour, a positive change in attitude, hard work or more focus on subject. There are so many things that you can reward your student for using student certificates.

A student certificate can have a big effect on some students. For instance, a young person who has low self esteem or low confidence may think that they are not good enough. They may believe that they will never achieve anything in their life. Why? Because someone or some event made them think that way! Many young people’s behaviour came from the experiences they had, a negative parent thoughtless siblings, a traumatic event. And, it had it may have had a profound effect on them.

You as a teacher can make a huge difference in a young person’s life. If you are a good teacher you already know that. You can put back what was taken away – love, respect, acknowledgement, kindness, caring, compassion and empathy. When you show a young person you care about them then that’s when you are in the business of changing lives.

Many successful teachers and I mean those teachers who get positive responses and actions from their students know the value of student certificates. They know that most young people value them because they are being valued. Young people need acknowledged regularly. You might just be one of those teachers, but if not you can be.

You might be that teacher in your school that other teachers envy because you get so much more from the students that they don’t. Quite simply, its because you listen to them and treat them the way you would be like to be treated. You might even get on their wavelength like Jaimie Escalante did. They made a film about called Stand and Deliver – a wonderful film that every teacher should watch.

There are many reasons for you to give out student certificates. Here are a few:

  • Outstanding Achievement
  • Completion of a Subject
  • Most kind person
  • Most helpful person
  • Most changed person
  • Hardwork
  • Change in attitude

Someone doing something remarkable (saving a life, helping another person or animal)

You can give them out weekly, monthly or at the end of term. You might want to give them out on special occasions to someone who has done something out of the ordinary. Don’t undervalue a small piece of paper with your signature and a student’s name on it. It goes a long, long way and is definitely a great investment in time or money.

There are many people in this world who have kept their student certificates for many, many years. Why? Because it takes them back to the time when they were valued! Make a difference in a young person’s life and find a reason to acknowledge them through student certificates.

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