Free Editable Certificate of Appreciation Template

Funny Certificates Of Appreciation Take Away The Workplace Blues

Free Printable Certificate of Appreciation Template in WordIn today’s economy, finding ways to keep good employees takes some creative, out of the box, thinking. While giving raises and bonuses may not be in the cards because of the economy, employees still want to know that their work is appreciated. And because economic motivation may not be an option, finding other creative ways to express employee appreciation is now essential. One way to boost morale without putting a huge dent in the budgets is to give certificates of appreciation in great looking certificate frames.

Now employees are used to getting the usual appreciation award or certificate. Completing classes or proficiency levels in the job place are definitely times to give certificates. Even consistent job performance, attendance and teamwork deserve to be recognized. But giving off the wall, humorous certificates not only builds morale, but gives employees something fun to look forward to during awards ceremonies and staff meetings.

Granted, giving awards of excellence for exceeding production and awards for Employee of the Month will definitely build morale. But consider giving awards for the Coffee Drinker of the Year award with a printed gift certificate for free coffee from the office coffee maker (which is usually free anyway, right?). How about the Gardner of the Year award for the employee in the office with the best plants or the Cool Cube of the Quarter award for the person with the best decorated work area? And these will not only be low or no cost, but funny certificates will also add that “punch” of fun that can make for a more enjoyable workplace.

And employees love getting awards like these. Not only does it show that the company really does pay attention to who they are as a person, but it gives them incentive to be themselves in the workplace. And by doing this, the employee will feel motivated knowing they aren’t “just another employee”. Giving awards and certificates of achievement or appreciation, whether they’re serious or humorous, validates the employee as a person.

An employee appreciation program can be a challenge to implement in a company, but the rewards far outweigh them. The best part of these programs is they don’t have to cost a lot to implement. Most of the cost is in blank certificates and certificate frames, but the cost per certificate and frame is usually less than $5 each. This makes giving certificates and awards one of the least expensive, but perhaps one of the most effective ways to boost employee morale.

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