Free Printable Generic Bill of Lading Form Template

To Know More About Straight and Short Generic Bill of Lading

straight generic bill of ladingNowadays, transportation is a very important tool to send people from one place to another, especially since it is faster than walking. There are various kinds of transportation and not only for human. There is also transportation that can be used to ship mails, tools, goods, and many more. To help the shipping transportation send any kinds of goods, there is the generic bill of lading that will give information about shipper, consignee, and other information about the tools or goods that are going to be shipped. In the bill of lading, there is important information that must be filled, such as the information of the sender and receiver about name, city, street, state, ZIP, and special instruction if needed.

A straight blank bill of lading can be filled with information of the goods or tools that will be sent, such as the description of articles, special marks, and all the exception. Information about the goods or tools is the weight, rate, and kind of goods. There is also some information about the time of shipping, the number of shipping unit, and also the total amount of charges. There are three kinds of payment methods that you can use. You can use a debit card, cash, and C.O.D. C.O.D is the abbreviation of cash on delivery, it means the receiver can pay the shipping when it already arrives in their hand. Signature in the bill of lading is a sign or proof if the shipping goods already received by the receiver.

There is also another kind of bill of lading that can be used, that is the bill of lading short form. This form contains detailed information about the sender, receiver, and goods or tools that were shipping. On the top of the form, there is also information about the receiver and sender identities such as name, street address, city, and ZIP code. There is also the third party identity information in the third party freight charges bill that can be used as the second choice if the receiver cannot receive the shipping. Next, the carrier must make a bill of lading number that is appropriate to their policy, and also the short details about the carrier such as name and carrier serial number.

pdf   Straight generic bill of lading – Download

pdf   Short form generic bill of lading – Download

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