Free Printable Letter of Transmittal Template Word

What Is a Letter of Transmittal?

Free Printable Letter of Transmittal Template in WordLetter of transmittal can be called as transmittal letter. This type of business document is meant to introduce another document, for instance a proposal, draft or a report. Most of time a transmittal letter contains information about accompaniments but it is not necessary that the information is part of that accompanying document. Contents of a transmittal letter may be providing recipient with information about purpose or intent of second document. Underneath is detailed information about functions, significance, features, time frame and considerations of a transmittal letter.

Through this document, writer provides name of accompanying document and information about its purpose. To satisfy that purpose, this business document is used as introductory page for accompaniment. We can define its role as a smart document because it serves best to demonstrate writer’s wish to maintain contact with recipient for future engagements. Transmittal letter is a business document therefore its format should be professional.

As far as confidential information is concerned; a transmittal form may contain classified information about report or other document such as; some password of a protected file containing electric document.

Moreover, it is an effective communication tool and used to draw recipient’s attention toward information provided in document. Not every document holds such significance.

In precise words, it is a short document which can introduce accompaniment in different ways; either in tabular form or like a simple letter. Information in letter of transmittal may communicate how information for report or second document was gathered and who worked for preparing second document. It further can direct the reader to give essential feedback, for instance; you may ask recipient to check the document, put a comment or sign it etc.

Letter of transmittal is not meant for detailed or technical information. A simple, brief yet friendly letter attracts reader’s attention more easily then a complicated document. One makes sure to include one’s detailed contact information in this document. Comprehensiveness is a quality that never disappoints its creator; similarly in this letter, try to provide a deadline for action to make it a perfect document if you ask the recipient to respond to accompanying document. It is pertinent to mentioned that a letter of transmittal should be sent with the document for which it is written.

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