Creating DIY Certificate Design Template

modern certificate design in word formatA certificate is a sign of acknowledgment that people usually get after they get new experience, goals or lesson from colleges, universities, institutions, organizations, or companies. If you are in-charge in a company to create your own template for them, there are many ways where you can create them in DIY style. There are many certificate designs that can be chosen from on the internet, but you also able to make your own certificate with your design. There is plenty certificate’s style that can be chosen for your needs. You will find the general certificate’s design, formal design, or the unique design. These certificates can be published and given to anyone, and you can make this certificate using your phone these days easily.

To make your own certificate of recognition template design, you will have to choose the size of the paper that you are going to use. Other than that, you will need to know the shape of the paper that is going to be used. After that, choose a theme for the certificate. There are various themes and you can choose one of them to be placed on your certificate. You are also able to make your own themes by giving some additional touches to the certificate. Next, personalize your brand by using an image. It is important that you must have a logo. The logo must be placed in the top or center of the certificate. You will also have to describe the reason why the receiver is going to get the certificate by using your favorite fonts. Then, you can just print the certificate out.

You can give a certificate as a reward for someone or people who proper to get it. There is various certificate of recognition that you can choose from. You will need to notice that this type of certificate is usually done with a formal font. Place the company or institution’s logo at the top or center certificate, next type certificate of recognition in the center. Don’t forget to write the reason why the receiver able to receive the certificate, using bold write the receiver’s name. To make this certificate valid, you must give name and signature of CEO/Director/Head chief and also give a stamp of the company or organization near the signatures too.

Free Editable Certificate Template :

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Knowing More about Cash Receipt Template

cash receipt template pdf

A cash receipt template is very useful to know who the receiver and the sender of a cash payment are. Cash receipt is a proof’s tool if there is a transaction. In the cash receipt, you will see the sender’s name. Other than the sender’s name, there is a place to write the amount and how much the sender paid the payment. Under the sender’s name, there is a description or information why the sender sends the payment and paid by cash or check or money order. At the bottom of this template, you will see the receiver name, address, and phone. There is also account amount, payment, and the balance due.

There is another simple receipt format that can be used. At the right side of the template, you must write the receipt number and date. In the center of that template, there is information about the sender and the amount of cash. Under the sender, there is a place to write the receiver’s name with current balance, payment amount, and the balance due. You can give a sign (v) or check for the payment selection among others cash, checks, and the money order. At the bottom of this template, there is a signature of the receiver.

Petty cash book is an official calculation of petty cash expense used in a company or organization and it is frequently sorted by date. This book is the manual record keeping system beside the computer record. Usually, a company will be using both computer record and the manual record as they will help the company to track the company’s records easier. You will be able to find 2 different types of petty cash, the credit and debit type of cash withdrawal. One will be able to record the cash that is received by the clerk officer, and the other one is when there are cash officer needs to withdraw. They will have to write them all down in the logbook.

Free Printable Cash Receipt Template :

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Various Kinds of Flash Card Template

printable flash cards for toddlersA flash card is a tool to make it easier for someone to learn something new. Usually, a flash card is used for children to learn of some subjects. They can also be used for adults to remember something new too. There are many sizes of flash card template that can be chosen from. A big flash card with A4 size can be used to make them obvious. You can create your own big flash card with size 2×1 A4 papers or 105×74 mm. They can be separated into two pieces that are eye-catching. You can place them on the wall or fridge to make them visible at all times. Another big flash card is a card with size 2×2 A4 paper or 105 x 74 mm; you will get 4 flash cards.

You can make your own flash card by using Microsoft Word. Here are the steps to make a flash card template with Word. First, open the Microsoft Word click the panel new. Next, type flash card in the finding machine and you will see various style and shapes of the flash card that can be chosen. After you choose one of them, you will be able to write or fill the flash card with picture, word, or the others. Creating a flash card using Microsoft Word is very easy and you can create lots of them with various size and contents.

It can be a powerful tool that everyone can use especially for children. You can teach them the Alphabet, parts of the body, tenses, and many more using flash cards. If you do not want to make a flash card using Microsoft Word, you can find some other designs or templates on the internet. There is various kind of blank flash card template that can be found on the internet. A few of them is free to download, but there is a paid flash card too, so you can choose your favorite flash card. After you download it, you only need to fill in the flash card with picture or words.

Free editable flashcard template :

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Knowing More About Work Order Format

Work Order
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By using a work order, the process might make it easier for a contractor to get a contract deal with their customers especially with all the details that will be included in it. A work order specifies the work that will be completed and provided detail about pricing, taxes, contact information, and also payment terms. There are plenty work order template designs that differentiate their purposes, such as maintenance, automotive, stop work order, service work order, repair work order, and many more. To make a correct work order, there should be complete information about the client, contractor and also the order. Detailed information of the client will make it easier for the contractor to understand the client or customer’s need, especially with a specific order.

There are various kinds of work order format that you can use. One of them is the stop work order template. This kind of template will be released if something bad or urgent happens and the job needs to stop. The contractor should write the detailed reasons why they need to stop the working order. There should be an agreement between the person who makes the stop work order with the foreman or overseer. Other than the stop work order, there is also service work order template. In this work order, the company or the contractor must write down a good proposal to convince the client to use their service. This work orders same with the others, but there is also service and part description.

There is another work order work order template that is used a lot in a company. It is the maintenance work order template.This type of work order has some specific description of labor and material details. Labor description is usually counted by time. The longer it takes to do the work, the more expense needed for it too.In material description, describes materials that needed, quantity, and price per unit will also be included in a template. In a template, usually, there are terms of conditions to make the work order valid and legal for both parties too.

Free Printable Work Order Template :

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What do you know about Blank Bill of Lading?

bill of lading
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Blank bill of lading is a legal document that is used by a carrier and given to the shipper as a contract of carriage for different types of goods. This document can be used as the receipt of shipment for a specific destination too. To make this document valid, it needs to be signed by the receiver carrier, representative or carrier, so the shipment can be trusted. If you want to send an important document that contains secret information, you must highlight the types, destination and the quantity of the goods, so it will be easier for the carrier to send them properly, securely, and carefully.

To make a proper generic bill of lading you must write the correct information about where the shipment is going to be shipped from, the name of the sender, address, city with ZIP code, and number of SID. This works the same for the information of the sender. There must be a correct receiver’s information. To keep the goods safe, you also must write the correct third part of the charges bill, it will make it easier for the carrier to send the goods. The sender must read the information carefully, so there will not be any mistaken information that can harm the shipment or both of the sender and the receiver.

There is various bill of lading form design that can be chosen from or might be suitable for your needs. They are the short bill of lading, straight bill of loading, non-negotiable bill of loading, and many more. The simplest bill of lading is the short form. In this form, there is clear information about the shipment, the carrier, the sender, and the receiver. You can also find various instructions to the carrier. For example, if the goods that will be sending are fragile goods, so there is an instruction to bring the goods carefully. There are also the item code, details information about goods, quantity, and weight.

Free Download Blank Bill of Lading Template :

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How to Create A Literature Review Outline for Beginners

Before creating a literature review, you might want to understand the main idea of the content from the literature itself. A literature review can be the first step that you might want to take before you write a paper or research proposal. If you want to start to make the literature review, you should know the literature review outline. To make this kind of review you will need to research about some sources. For example knowing how strong or weak the content is, what kind of practical implications it might be, the ability to see different kinds of approach that can be taken, other resources, and also the conclusion you want to make to get the best result.

literature review outlineTo make a good literature review, the researcher must know what they should do. Choosing the topic that wants to be used can be a good start. After that, search the literature that you want to use to match the topic. Writing the review of the topic is usually done after that. To strengthen the topic, do some research about it. To get some feedback, you can even ask your teacher or friends to help you with your review. After you have done all that, developing an argument is sometimes needed too. Other than all those steps, as a researcher, you might want to understand the literature review format that you are going to use too. In the outline format, there should be an introduction to how well the researcher researches the topic, crucial research, studies, and the conclusion.

There are some subjects that must be done by the researcher before they publish their research. To strengthen their research, the researcher must study about literature review example for a research proposal. Here are some example literature reviews; in the literature review, there must be an introduction and what is the topic that will be appointed by the researcher. After that, write down the definition of the topic. In this part, the researcher will only describe as a general not using specific information. Next, make a seminar about the research that has been studied and you will have to explain the different techniques that you might have used. Last but not least is to create a conclusion about the whole review.

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How Important is a Time Off Request Form?

time off request form
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It is a normal thing to do if employees need time off to do things outside of their work time. For this specific reason, a company will need to have a time off request form. This type of form is very useful for both employees and the company. For the company, they will be able to track who, why, and when their employees are taking their days off. For employees, a form is a legal form for to inform the company of their absence from their work time. There are various kinds of time-off form that might exist in a company depending on the employee’s needs. Usually, this kind of form will contain the date of when the employee submits the form, the employee name, time-off requested, when they will be returning to work, their signature, and approval from their Head of Department.

For an employee, a request time off is very important, because there might be an urgency when they need to be off or away from work (planned or un-planned). For example, they might have to go out of town, some of their family members are sick, or they might just need some time off from work (holiday/vacation). A company should allow their employees to get their time off, especially when they are going to take their extra-off days (EO), Public Holiday (PH) days, or Annual Leave (AL). Planning your off-days in advance will give you many benefits especially if there are other employees in the same department as you are that are going to take their off-days too.

A company must give the employee time off because they need some time to get off their job. Time off is kind of temporary condition only for one day until two months for many different reasons. With paid time off policy, both of company and employee will get their profit. A company cannot force their employees and their employees also cannot just take their time-off without the approval of their head of departments. For example, if they have too many things to do (pending work), usually it is advisable by their head of department to finish off their work first before they take their time off. If the time off that they take is their right, then they will get paid for them.

Free Time Off Request Template :

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world   Employee time off request form – Download

Different Kinds of Certificate of Completion Template

army certificate of completion templateTo appreciate your employees in completing a specific task, such as training, you can give them a certificate of completion. A certificate can be a good appreciation form for them to acknowledge that they have completed a task or training. For students, this kind of certificate can give them a better chance of getting into a new school. For employees, it can be a plus point to get better KPI (Key Performance Indicator) points which could lead to a better position in the company, higher salary, etc. For those reasons, you can create this certificate for them by choosing an appropriate certificate of completion template that is suitable for your needs. There different kinds of certificate completion design that you can choose from.

For students, there are some important certificates that can be used for their need, and course completion certificate can be one of them. To appreciate the work that they have done, a school or course should give a certificate to their students. In the certificate, usually, there is a written final point or accumulation points, depending on the school or course that they do. Other than points, usually the certificate will have a signature of their headmasters or directors. On the center of the certificate, there is a place to write the student’s name. The name must be done by using a readable font and color. Choose a font with a medium size to be readable too.

Other than a course certificate, there is another important certificate that should be given to someone who already passed a test and got new specialization. It is the training completion certificate. There are various training courses that able to give new specialization. Some of them are cooking, tailoring, accounting, and many more. The design for these certificates might vary depending on the school, company, or courses that you take. For the copy of these certificates to be valid, you will need to validate them using a stamp from the appropriate authority organization (usually you can get this from the university or company itself).

Free editable certificate of completion to download :

world   Certificate of completion template word – Download

pdf   Certificate of completion template pdf – Download

power point   Certificate of completion template powerpointDownload

world   Course completion certificate – Download

world   Certificate of training completion template – Download

world   Army certificate of completion template – Download

world   Academic certificate of completion template – Download

world   Certificate of completion template construction – Download

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Acknowledge with a Certificate of Recognition

certificate of recognitionCertificate of recognition is given to someone who needs to be acknowledged. This kind of certificate is usually given to employees, students or anyone who has done their hard work. The certificate is presented to appreciate their work and effort. Some of these certificates are valid for a lifetime but there are also some certificates with limited validity such as a year, 5 years or a decade. It is a special certificate that is usually presented to employees that deserve them. They might have good praise from their client, or they have achieved a certain goal in the company. Getting the certificate can also mean to get better salary, promotion, and bonus in the near future.

There are various kinds of jobs that deserve to get this kind certificate. Different types of certificate of recognition template designs that can be chosen from too. There is a certificate of recognition for someone who gets an award. In that certificate, there should be a clear reason of why that person is able to get it. For example, Trust Award, Model Award, Art Award, and many more. There is also a certificate appreciation that is given to a teacher because of their hard work in that year. It can be used to acknowledge the hard work of the teacher and also their effort in teaching their students.

If you want to make your own design that suit your need, there are plenty of sample certificate of recognition types that you can search for in the internet. There are various reasons why you might want to give this kind of certificate to. If you work in a charity foundation, you can give it to a donator, for example a donator that donates big amount of money for flood or disaster victims. If it is a company that donates the big lump sum of money, you could create the certificate for them too. You will want to make sure that you choose an appropriate design for the certificate depending on the company that you work in or the person that you want to give it to.

Free printable certificates of recognition :

world   Certificate of recognitionDownload

world   Certificate of recognition for students – Download

world   Free printable employee recognition certificates – Download

Knowing More About Administrative Assistant Cover Letter, Fax Cover and Letterhead

administrative assistant cover letterAn administrative assistant cover letter is very useful for you who want to get a manager position in your company. You can also use this letter if you want to look for a new administrative assistant job. To get the position that you want, you will have to know your abilities and skills. There are many factors in why people might apply for a job or for you who want to get a new place to work. To get the position that you want, you must know your ability, for some reasons, you cannot rely on your lucky but also your ability and skill. There are many factors that can influence you in getting the position that you want. For administrative assistant, for example, you will need to have some years of experience, your skills in the field, and many more.

Using fax cover letter might be able to help you to get a formal fax letter. This type of letter is used often by companies to send faxes to different companies. The difference is the complete company’s information or details on the top of the letter. Usually,a fax is used for urgent condition and sent via a fax machine. That shows the difference between fax and email, if email received in a soft file, fax is received in hard file. There is various fax cover’s style that can be chosen on the internet, you can pick one from your favorite styles and use it.

Creating your formal or private letter looks good by choosing a unique letterhead format. There are various letterheads that can be chosen online. You can download it or you can design it by yourself too. If you want a fast and easy letterhead, you can pick one of the professionally designed letterhead templates whether they are free or paid. If you want to design your own letterhead, you have to make sure that you know the content (body), header, and footer included in the letter. You will also need to include your company’s logo with it too.

Free Download Administrative Assistant Cover Letter :

world   Administrative Assistant Cover Letter – Download