Free Printable Excel Time Tracking Template

Free Printable Excel Time Tracking TemplateWhether you’re an independent consultant, contractor, a consulting company or small business that bills its clients based on time and expenses, having an effective process in place to track all your billable hours and customer’s expenses is a necessary requirement.

However, manual tracking has proven to be terribly inefficient: it’s time-consuming, tedious and error prone – all of this is often only contributing to, instead of minimizing, the unforeseeable delays and additional costs.

Automatic tracking is the only solution to prevent leaking revenue. By having an efficient time and billing system, you will do less work managing time and expenses and consequently, free up your valuable resources for more productive work that will actually increase your bottom line.

The benefits of automated online time tracking over using Excel or Word based timesheets are obvious; simply put, using web-based time tracking software means: no more wastage of time and no more unnecessary drain on your business resources in timesheet and expense record maintenance and invoice generation.

Online time tracking software saves you time. It can also clearly show where you or your employees are spending time. When you know how the time is being spent, you can allocate the time more efficiently. Each employee’s output is now measurable in no uncertain terms – this can help in determining an employee’s productivity.

Knowing how long a certain task takes can make your future project estimates more accurate. With the help of an online timesheet, you can see what is done, how long it took, and what yet needs to be done – all at a glance. You will always know which employee is working on which project – that’s indispensable, especially when employing remote workers.

Using web-based software eliminates errors from re-entering data. You can use it to evaluate client commitments and thus calculate project profitability. Also, diligent time tracking can help you to recognize seasonality and predict trends in certain types of businesses.

When you use the user-friendly system, recording your employee’s or contractor’s hours is as straightforward as logging in and entering the required data in an online timesheet. Since the software is web-based, you can access it from any place at any time. All you need is an Internet connection and a browser.

Just like the online time tracking clearly shows where your time is spent, online expense tracking will show you exactly where your money is being spent. Again, it offers many advantages over the Word/Excel based documentation, where expenses get missed while billing or improperly or erroneously recorded.

With online expense tracking software all business expenses are recorded, tracked and stored in one place. It allows you to accurately capture all types of expenses – receipts can be scanned and uploaded, credit card charges imported, and all kinds of cash payments added. You can then sort these by an employee, by a project, category or by a time period.

That allows you to, for instance, find out how much money is spent in specific categories, and it can help you catch a potential abuser by determining outliers. Expense tracking software can be set-up so to block items that are not valid business expenses, or to set limits for some types of expenses.

Online expense tracking can potentially track expenses for every project, client, or a company’s division separately. These allow you to easily bill clients and reimburse employees, to monitor costs, generate reports and plan budgets and consequently, to always make informed spending decisions.

Using the software, you will know where the money is coming and where it is going. You’ll be able to gauge on the spot if you are still within the budget for any given project, or for the fiscal year.

It also offers audit protection since the software assists in maintaining tax-compliant records. All those records are securely stored online and available at any time you need them.

An online time and expense tracking system is an investment that is guaranteed to keep your project’s scope and budget under control while enabling you to bill the clients in a timely and accurate manner. Simply put, automatic tracking system enhances productivity and increases both savings and cash flow. If you are still using manual timesheet and expense tracker, you should seriously start evaluating online time and expense tracking software.

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Free Printable Cash Receipt Template

Free Printable Sale Receipt FormIf you have or are getting ready to start a small business you will need to have some form of receipt to give to your customers, not only does this leave you with a record of your sales but it will also give your customer proof of purchase as well as a receipt for their taxes at the end of the year if they are needed. There are a number of different ways of coming up with this important document, but perhaps one of the nicest and easiest is to download a cash receipt template offer of the Internet.

There is a lot of different types of cash receipts so the first thing you must do is figure out what type of receipt you need, you may in fact need more than one type depending on what you are selling. For instance if you are an appliance business you will need a receipt for services rendered, as well as a receipt for the purchase of a new appliance. Each receipt will be set up a bit differently and while many people will use the same receipt for both it is a bit easier to understand and use if you separate the two receipts.

Fortunately finding a template is easy so it there is no reason why you cannot do two different receipts, but the next question you have to ask is how do you want to use your receipts? Some businesses use a template that plugs into one of their business programs such as excel and allows them to fill the receipt out on the computer and print it out. This is not only efficient but it also allows you to keep a record of your receipts as well. For those that are not quite so tech savvy a basic receipt that can be printed and filled out by hand usually suffices just as well.

You will not have any trouble finding a cash receipt template, they are available at hundreds of sites online, you will however need to decide if you want to pay for your receipt form and thereby have access to the ability to edit the form on their site with step by step instructions so that the receipt is custom tailored to your business and has your log on it, or if you want to download a template for free off of the Internet and do the customizing yourself in your favorite program.

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Free Customizable Professional CV Template

Free Printable Professional CV TemplateIf you are in the process of applying for different jobs, you can use a professional CV template to create effective resumes. Most often, you would have a standard set of information to which you would make minor modifications to fine-tune the resume for each particular job. At times like this, it makes sense to use a CV template to create slightly different versions of the resume suited to each particular job.

Here are 4 benefits of using a professional CV template:

1. Provides a Unique Look to your resume

Most candidates applying for jobs use free resume templates that they download from the Internet. Although they would be able to create a neat-looking resume with a template, their resumes would look almost identical to most other resumes made with similar design aids. However, when you use a professional CV template, your resumes will not only look professional, but also unique and eye-catching.

2. Creates a professional-looking resume

Your resume is the very first impression your recruiter gets about you. You need to ensure that the appearance of the resume makes a positive impact in their mind. When you use a well-designed CV template, your resume will have the same professional design and layout of the template. Even if you do not possess design skills, you will still be able to create a truly professional resume using a CV template.

3. Saves time

Creating a resume manually could be quite a time-consuming process. Moreover, when you are applying for a number of jobs, this could involve a lot of time and effort. You can use a CV template to considerably shorten the time it takes to create each resume. When you save more time, you can use it to focus more on the content of the CV and improving it to make a better impact on your prospective employers.

4. Improves formatting and presentation

Most HR professionals complain that the resumes they receive are often poorly formatted. They say that margins and bullet points are not aligned properly, and different portions of the resume are not labeled clearly, making them difficult to find.

If you use a CV template, you can create a resume that is structured just the way that HR professional prefer to see them. Your resumes will have properly aligned bullet points that make it easy for recruiters to quickly scan through and pick out the key elements in your document. When you take time and effort to make the recruiters’ job easier, it will leave a favorable impression of you in their mind.

A professional CV template might require a small investment, but it could have life-changing implications when your resume can out-perform every other resume that recruiters receive.

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Free CV Template to Download with Ms Word Format

Free Printable CV Template WordAlmost people who tend to seek a job understand that resume is the decisive factor to whether you can make it to the interview round or not. Moreover, don’t forget that resume and resume is “two sides of the one” which show your outstanding capability. However, not everyone can know how to make his resume and resume become “decisive” to the employer. It is not about spending more time or providing more information in the resume that make that resume becomes well impressive to the employers.

The employers are very busy as they may receive hundreds of resumes and resumes each day from different candidates. So, think carefully before you send your resume and resume to an employer is a good way to win over other candidates. Don’t expect to win the employer when your resume and resume are common without any particularity. So, don’t waste time sending “imperfect” resume and resume to different employers because your chance of getting to the next round is not significant at all.

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Free Printable Certificate of Participation Template

Free Printable Certificate of Participation TemplateIn the recent times, a growing number of organizations have discovered the potential of improved online class and training management solutions to streamline processes. From vocational schools to multinational corporations, organizations of varied nature and scale are seen opting for enhanced solutions that come equip with useful features. As an administrator, you must know that these advanced solutions provide several benefits that can help you to manage every aspect of your classes or training session in the most effective manner.

Several organizations and institutions conduct certification programs. At the end of these certification programs, successful attendees are awarded certificates and acknowledgment for their participation. Corporate training organizations, in particular, run recurrent training sessions and require cutting edge training management tools to plan and conduct their training programs.

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Free Printable Certificate Templates for Word

Free Printable Certificate Participation Templates for WordPrintable certificates are of different types and purposes. Where you should be looking for the right ones depends on what you are looking for. For all intents and purposes, a printable certificate should look real, presentable and authentic.

If you want printable certificates for kids, then you can easily find several online websites that offer them for free. These websites feature certain groups of certificates that belong to different categories of awards. Now you have two primary options. First option is to have a printable certificate that has blank spaces left for you to enter the awardee’s name. In such certificates there would also be blank entries for the awarder and the reason for which the award is given. Usually such blank printable certificates are used for occasions where the participants are given other prizes in combination with the certificates.

If you do not want anything handwritten on your printed certificate copies, then you need certificates with personalized formats. In other words, these certificates allow you to enter the name of the recipient, the awarder or the purpose of the award into its template before printing the certificate. If you have a long list of awardees, it would be easier if you opt for blank certificates as you can have them printed fast. But if you need only limited number of certificates, you can personalize each certificate and have them printed separately.

You should check out various templates listed available through these online stores to choose the one best suited for your purpose. You would be surprised to find that there are certificates meant for over hundreds of categories that range from certification for classroom attendance to award for most helpful student.

These certificates are not merely targeted at students or kids, they are for everyone. For instance, there are several award certificates stating performance of employees in various departments of their office. There is lot of demand for official certificates as they play a vital role in motivating the employees and workers in an organization.

Then there are certificates customized for games like football, baseball, tennis, volleyball, etc; the list is endless. They come with special entry spaces for scores and points depending on the game’s policies.

Different certificate templates offer different levels of flexibility with regards to formatting and designing. Certain templates do not allow the user to change the border designs or background patterns. Sometimes, there will be options only for changing the fonts and color scheme. It all depends on the sophistication allowed by the online store or website you are using.

If you want highly customizable certificates, you should look for paid ones. These certificates come at a nominal price of $3 to $5 and they offer lot of features with regards to designing and data fields. You may also buy legal printable certificates that act as agreements or bonds when signed by the parties.

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Free Customizable Certificate of Achievement Template

Free Printable Certificate of Achievement TemplateA great teacher is one who acknowledges and rewards EVERY single student that he or she works with – and that includes the ‘naughty’ ones. Yes, the naughty ones can be rewarded for all sorts of things – good behaviour, a positive change in attitude, hard work or more focus on subject. There are so many things that you can reward your student for using student certificates.

A student certificate can have a big effect on some students. For instance, a young person who has low self esteem or low confidence may think that they are not good enough. They may believe that they will never achieve anything in their life. Why? Because someone or some event made them think that way! Many young people’s behaviour came from the experiences they had, a negative parent thoughtless siblings, a traumatic event. And, it had it may have had a profound effect on them.

You as a teacher can make a huge difference in a young person’s life. If you are a good teacher you already know that. You can put back what was taken away – love, respect, acknowledgement, kindness, caring, compassion and empathy. When you show a young person you care about them then that’s when you are in the business of changing lives.

Many successful teachers and I mean those teachers who get positive responses and actions from their students know the value of student certificates. They know that most young people value them because they are being valued. Young people need acknowledged regularly. You might just be one of those teachers, but if not you can be.

You might be that teacher in your school that other teachers envy because you get so much more from the students that they don’t. Quite simply, its because you listen to them and treat them the way you would be like to be treated. You might even get on their wavelength like Jaimie Escalante did. They made a film about called Stand and Deliver – a wonderful film that every teacher should watch.

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Free Customizable Multiple Choice Quiz Template

Free Printable Multiple Choice Quiz TemplateYou have almost certainly taken part in multiple choice quizzes and tests in your time. It is also possible that you have also been involved in setting the questions. If so, you probably already realise how difficult it can be to write effective questions.

If you are not careful the answers can be too easy to guess. In some case the questions can be difficult to understand. Sometimes it can be difficult to relate the questions to the topic being assessed. In fact, there a variety of ways in which a question can go wrong.

If you find yourself having to write multiple choice questions you can avoid the problems associated with them by following four basic principles.

1. Start With Objectives
Effective multiple choice questions must always be linked to clearly defined objectives unless you are writing them for a fun quiz. Clearly define what you are trying to assess and make sure that all of your questions are aimed at this. Avoid trick questions that are not related to objectives. Ultimately they prove nothing.

2. Clear and Understandable
As a general rule, language and sentence structure should be kept as simple as possible. Only use essential technical terms. Take care to avoid ambiguous questions, answers and distracters. Remember that you are trying to test objectives and not the ability of people to understand poorly written questions.

3. No Soft Clues
It can sometimes be possible to guess the correct answer from the question itself. Questioners may leave clues in the question, answer or distracters that they do not intend. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when writing multiple choice question is the failure to use meaningful distracters. This means that people answering the question can guess the correct answer by eliminating the options that are obviously wrong. Once again it is important to remember that you are assessing objectives not the candidate’s ability to guess most of the answers correctly.

4. Meaningful Feedback
If your questions are part of a test the minimum that candidates will need to know is whether they have achieved the pass mark. If the questions are aimed at helping people to learn a particular subject then they will need to know whether their answers were right or wrong. They also need to know why they were right or wrong. There is much more to writing effective multiple choice questions than it is possible to cover in a short article. However, you will be making a good start if you follow the four basic principles outlined here.

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Free Editable Contract Proposal Template

Free Printable Contract Proposal Template WordFederal contracts are a very lucrative business. However, learning how to acquire projects takes time, effort and investment. Proposal writing for government contracts is by no means a simple process. However, if you attempt to respond to the agency’s Request for Proposal (RFP), you will have to bring more to the table than just having a good technical writer. The reality is that the “status quo” no longer gets the win. You have to do more than the basic RFP requirements.

Agencies are now leaning towards trade-offs to justify their best value determinations. Lowest price does not necessarily get the award. As former government contracting officials and members of source selection teams, we have actually reviewed eloquent proposals and perfected efforts by technical writers – we know firsthand that only the proposals that have substance and give the government added value and what source-selection officials want to know actually win the contract. The agency wants to feel like it is getting a good deal – not just reviewing bids with the basic solicitation criteria.

Reasons Why Government Proposals Fail: The first thing to consider when responding to a multi-million dollar offer is whether you have the budget to do what it takes to win. Successful companies spend anywhere from $13K to $20K for proposal writing services for a contract valued anywhere from $1M-5M. Never just cut and paste old proposals for an upcoming project. Agencies spot templated responses from a mile away and automatically put your package proposal to the bottom of the pile.

When responding to a government Request for Proposal, we have found that the following summarizes why proposal fail.

1. The response is not specific and to the point. Government RFP preparation requires the bidder to articulate the key areas to the solicitation. Never try to write a book and expect the agency to understand what you are trying to say. Proposal writers must be very specific and to the point.

2. Too much focus on “we can do the work” instead of “how we are going to do the work.” When grading proposals, the government places a significant emphasis and weight on the bidder’s technical approach. You have to spell out HOW you actually perform each phase of the Statement of Work. Summarizing will not help you.

3. No emphasis on your risk management and quality assurance. One of the fatal mistakes in government contract proposal writing is that bidders miserably fail to address and highlight their risk management and quality assurance. The government is not going to award a contract worth millions and never pay attention to the risk involved. Each proposal writer that understands government contracting must include risk management into the response to the solicitation. If you don’t, then your competition certainly will.

4. Failure to understand best value considerations. In federal contracts, price alone is not the criteria for award and neither is past performance. Sometimes, agencies will consider a price/ past performance trade-off when considering awards. However, effective proposal writing includes more than just these factors. Congress has suggested that taxpayers’ money should get the “best bang”. Since the government generally buys commercial services and products, bidding on government contracts should incorporate factors commonly used in the commercial industry. This includes warranties, discounts for volume, accelerated schedules etc. At Watson Associates, our success stems from the ability to help you to see the big picture in federal procurement and educate the agency when writing government proposals.

5. Relying too heavily on teaming partners and subcontractors. Failure to understand that teaming rule can be the kiss of death in government proposal writing. Many companies that offer proposal writing services do not understand how to avoid this commonly-made mistake. Although FAR 9.6 allows for teaming and subcontracting, there are also limitations on subcontracting. When proposing a subcontractor or teaming partner, you have to understand the legal limitations. Failure to correctly propose your team can subject you to a bid protest based upon affiliation. Bidding on government contracts means that the prime contractor (you) must perform the required percentage of labor costs and not pass through the critical aspects of the project. This is yet another reason why our experience as bid protest and government contract attorneys adds value to our proposal writing services.

As a general rule, there are ten basic principles that will put you on the right track to success in government RFP and proposal writing

1. Always learn, learn and learn again the nature of the government’s problem. If you cannot understand and respond to the agency’s problem, you simply will end up with an eloquently written document with no substance and lacking depth. The federal government publicizes its opportunities in a series of solicitations. As an effective proposal writer, you have to read, reread and understand the solicitation. For example, average responses to a Request for Proposal (for medical supplies) simply inject paragraphs of how committed to customer service the bidder maybe; then, the bidder simply submits its pricing and past performance. The winning proposal uses a different strategy. Instead of drowning the RFP response with ‘fluff’, the experienced proposal consultant will advise his client to first discuss the industry and problems associated with this particular industry including problems experienced by other customers – this sets the stage for letting the government know that you are ahead of the competition. You then describe how you can prevent these problems and describe what if anything you will do to minimize risk (this substantiates cost and shows additional value to the government.)

2. Never think that the government has no idea of what your service or product costs. Successful bidders understand the theory of the independent government estimate. The procurement rules require the government to establish some sort of estimate. Most agencies do their homework. However, some still use the outdated methodology that puts potential bidders at risk. Caution: The method arriving at the government estimate does not always work in your favor – the agency should conduct research in the commercial sector to see what similar products and services cost. Unfortunately, many agencies simply rely on other agency pricing to come up with the government estimate.

3. Always focus on beating your competitor. This is a mindset that swallows up inexperienced proposal writing staff. Many simply focus on responding to ‘only what the solicitation calls for’ and nothing more. At best, this line of thinking will get you within the competitive range but not win the award.

Our proposal writing consultants teach our successful clients to focus on beating the competitor while still addressing the government’s need – nothing else matters. Yes, you always have to respond to the criteria accurately as set forth in the solicitation. However, this sets the stage (and a common trap) for only the basic requirements. Be mindful that your competition is also responding to the same RFP. You have to outperform them to get the award.

As you respond to each section of the RFP, always ask yourself, “what is your adversary going to write?” If you don’t ask this question, you will undoubtedly find out during a debriefing of notice of non-selection for the bid.

4. For successful government proposal writing, you must have a thorough understanding of the procurement rules. To say otherwise is analogous to applying for a job at a large corporation without knowing anything about the company. Many companies hire proposal writers who have no clue, or even a basic understanding of the rules involved with procurement.

For example, many government contract proposals require you to discuss your teaming partners and subcontractors. More specifically, to discuss the roles and percentages of the contract. Many companies dive into this head-on without knowing the rules and laws of teaming and subcontracting. The result is that many companies subject themselves to losing a bid protest for violation of the NAICS standards.

A second example is failure to understand the trade-off process. The contracting officer and the agency have wide discretion when determining what is a good deal for the government. When you fail to add more best-value considerations, you typically hand more discretion for trade-off determinations. If you don’t give the agency something to consider, over and beyond price and past performance, your proposal will fail.

5. Unrealistic Proposal Pricing – Always be modest on profit. The old saying that you can price yourself out of business applies to government contracting. As experienced proposal writing consultants, we advise our clients to stay within certain allowable percentages depending on the industry. However, a good proposal writing strategy is to substantiate your pricing proposal by explaining critical processes and the costs associated with them. Assert common industry practice and justify your prices. Never allow the government to guess at why your pricing is high or low. If you can compete with an extra low price, your proposal response should explain why your company can perform at such low prices. The solicitation may expressly state that too low of a price may indicate that you do not understand the proposal requirements. Do not give the government contracting department this luxury.

6. You must describe the ‘horsepower’ behind your company – Aka, Management Approach. This is a critical part of the proposal writing process. Successful bidders learn to how to write effective resumes specifically for federal RFPs. Simply put, traditional resumes don’t lead to awards. The government wants in-depth information about the ‘top brass’ in your organization. Remember, technical proposals are weighted heavily when bidding on government contracts. Always talk about your key personnel, their experience and how they will participate in this government project.

7. In Government Proposal Writing never discuss your weaknesses. This is one of the most common traps in government contract proposal writing. When you see language in the solicitation that asks you to describe past problems and how you handled them – warning, tread lightly.

For example, if you missed project schedules in a previous construction project, you may simply want to use another project for past performance and discuss it. The government does not want to award a construction project to a company that has a history (even if only once) of missing deadlines.

The better proposal writing approach is to discuss potential problems in this specific project and then discuss how you intend to overcome them.

8. Never expect to get a million dollar contract for pennies. As mentioned proposal writing and development for a multi-million dollar contract is based upon a convincing RFP response. Bluntly put, a degree in English will not get you a multi-million dollar contract. You have to realistically budget for success. Although the skill of a technical writer is critical to the federal proposal writing process, there is a huge difference – experience and knowledge of the rules.

9. Secure proposal writers that understand the procurement rules and the source selection process. This is a distinguishing factor when looking to hire a proposal development outsourcing staff.

10. Learn how to pick qualified proposal writers. The Internet is swamped with proposal writers for government contracts. However, picking the most qualified ones is the tricky part. Many shoppers typically want to know how many proposals a person has written in that specific industry; or what is their success rate.

To be frank – proposal writers do not have to be technically experienced in your industry. There are regulated rules in the bidding process. Understand those rules, trade-off strategies and how to present your package in a convincing manner are the cornerstones of bidding on federal government contracts.

When you are looking for QUALIFIED PROPOSAL WRITER OR CONSULTANT, here are relevant points to consider:

Level of experience in federal government contracting
Have them describe important issues when writing about best value
The level of experience they have in responding to government RFPs that involve teaming partners or subcontractors
Ask what does the government need to know about a prospective bidder to set a high impression

Understand that prior win rates do not guarantee a win in this effort. Most businesses seek proposal writers based on their win rates – only to lose in this particular effort. As government contract lawyers, we also get the same question – what is your win rate? Not only is this misleading but the analysis and inference of prior win rates can be negative. The question to ask is how would you guide my company into possibly winning this project?

Each RFP is unique and the focus must be specific to the proposal at hand – how are you going to attack the solicitation and submit a winning proposal on THIS project?

Agencies look for different things in their solicitations
Not all agencies follow the FAR (See FDIC)
Rating criteria is different in virtually all RFPs
Lowest price (alone) is not the statutory requirement for award in federal contracts
High- Caliber Advice Sets You Apart from Your Competitors

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Simple Business Plan Template Word

Free Printable Simple Business Plan Template WordIf you are creating a business plan it certainly does take some significant time to find out all the correct information to include in it. This is where a simple business plan template can save you considerable time and effort. If you are limited on time, the consider using a template to get things done quicker.

What types of things should be in a plan? Well firstly you should include the basics like where the business will be located. Then consider other basic issues like who the employees will be and how many people will be working for the businesses when it starts.

Once you have got through the basics then consider things like target markets. What will the target market be and what product or service will you sell? You need to consider the demographics of the people you will be targeting and you can get a lot of this information from surveys. It is important that you consider this information as it will help you target your marketing more accurately and your conversion rates will be much better.

Other things you need to include in your plan are things like cash flow, where the capital will come from to set up the business, how long you expect it to take before you start making money and how many things or how much service you need to sell to break even.

Having a basic simple business plan will allow you to start you business with a better view of the future and allow you to avoid any mistakes that you may have not possible foreseen.

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