Free Editable CV Template Word

Free Printable CV Template in WordWant to know how to write a resume that separates you from your competition? Follow the guidelines in this article.

As a senior corporate leader for many years, and later, as a small business owner and management consultant, I have reviewed countless resumes, and I have also submitted resumes as a job seeker. I have learned that there are principles that must be included when writing a winning resume.

And, as you will see, free “cookie cutter” templates and samples that abound on the internet are only partially useful in writing a great resume. They will not differentiate you sufficiently. The real key is in constructing the resume as a strong sales and marketing piece.

Whether you are senior manager, a college graduate, own your own business, are looking to change careers; or are using a resume within your own organization, everyone will benefit from a current, well written resume. There are many different resume types and each is served by a slightly different format, but they all should follow similar principles.

Let’s start with a question: what is the purpose of a resume? If you answered something that sounds like: “to capture all the things I’ve done in my career so an employer will see just how good I am and hire me for a zillion dollar salary”, you would be wrong! If you answered, “the purpose of a resume is to get an interview” you would be correct! Your resume is a strategic marketing document that makes an employer want to call you in for an interview.

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Free Editable Certificate of Completion Template

Free Printable Certificate of Completion Template in Word

The reality today is that you must be a high school graduate in order to get a good job and in most cases, you have to take a copy of your diploma for the company to keep on file.

Life, as we know it today, will be getting more complicated without that diploma. How do you feel if you just got a Certificate of Completion? This is what happened to one of my relatives. When it was her day to graduate, she did not know she had failed Senior English. That Certificate of Completion (CoC) was what she received on her graduation day. Many years back, she was able to land a position as a pre-school assistant at a local elementary school.

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Free Printable Business Proposal Format Template

Free Printable Business Proposal Template in WordA typical business proposal format has the purpose to address the common grounds of a proposal. Whenever you set out to compose a proposal, you may choose to write it in a standard format, for example if the client you are proposing to didn’t provide you with a particular plan to follow.

The most effective business proposal format establishes a dialogue with its readers, and that’s why the winning proposal structure is based upon it. Generally the proposal format is presented with six sections, each responding to key aspects.

The first section contains information on who will carry out the job, the name of a contact person, and finally the person in charge for the set tasks.

The next section draws out what is needed to be done. The first thing you certainly need to clarify for your client is that you perfectly understand his pains and requirements. Actually this section is to convince your prospect that you have a good command of what he is willing to achieve.

The typical business proposal format also outlines the way in which you can meet these requirements – present your solution. This is the most essential point of your proposal.

Furthermore goes an action plan. It includes the set of actions which are to be performed, monitoring and evaluation of the costs and outcomes, and the most important – benefits to the customer. Business often views a risk factor, so the standard business proposal format also highlights how the possible risks will be lessened.

The next part of the business proposal format includes time frameworks – when the project will get started, when the task will be fulfilled, and when the expenses are expected.

In the end, remember that the main concept of any proposal is to explain to the client that the proposing company perfectly understands all his needs and requirements, as well as to persuade him to accept the proposal. The format is not accomplished unless it outlines the reasons why the potential client should go for proposed solutions.

At any rate, a successful business proposal format starts with a compelling structure for your proposal that actually sells your ideas and solutions. Thus by following the above mentioned tips, your business proposal is halfway from a success. Nowadays there are many services that help you to optimize the process of making proposals. But the knowledge of how to write it should always be with you.

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Free Blank Transmittal Form

Free Printable Transmittal Form in WordMain contents of a letter of transmittal will include:

• Introduction with names and addresses of persons receiving accompanying document and names and address of sender, name of accompanying document etc.
• Body Paragraph: Include information about methods used to gather and present information
• Conclusion Paragraph/ Call to Action. Write clearly what type of responses you expect from reader.

Don’t make a mistake to physically attach accompanying document with letter of transmittal. This is the common mistake that usually people do. Treat it as a separate entity that may be placed on top of the accompanying document.

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Free Blank Field Trip Permission Slip Template

Free Printable Field Trip Permission Slip Template in WordEducational field trips to the District of Columbia can be an amazing experience for organizers, chaperons and students. All you need to do to be successful is have a well thought-out plan in place. The following is an excellent example.

1. Decide on the attractions you want to see during your Washington DC school trip. Do you want the bus to drive past the Capitol and White House? Will you make a stop at the National Museum of American History? Where will you stop for lunch? Contact all the locations you want to visit to make sure they are open on the day of the field trip. You should also ask for group rates of places that ask for admission.

2. Determine how many students might come on the Washington DC school trip. You will need that number to establish the amount of chaperones you will need.

3. Submit the necessary paperwork to the school authorities. Make sure that all activities are outlined. The more details you provide, the better your chances are to get approval. Be as persuasive as you can on your request forms.

4. Once your excursion has been approved find parents to chaperone during the trip.

5. Inform all the places you intend to visit about your plans. Give them approximate arrival times. Coordinate activities and plan meals.

6. You will need transportation to go on a Washington DC school trip. Contact local tour operators and find out which charter group delivers the best possible services. You want a company experienced in field trips, because dealing with a bunch of excited students is quite different than driving a bus of seniors around the city.

7. Hand out and collect permission slips. They should be returned at least 2 days before the trip.

8. Give the students a list of items they should bring on the trip. Answer any questions that may arise.

9. Enjoy your Washington DC school trip.

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Free Timeline Template to Download

Free Printable Timeline TemplateWhat should go on our timeline? The short answer… anything that your student is currently studying that falls within the time period that she is charting. This can be historical events, political figures, artists and musicians, discoveries, inventions, scientists, religious figures and events, literature, great writers, etc. Anything that is worthy of studying is worth recording on the timeline as the timeline gives the snapshot perspective of when things happened and in what order. A related question that pops up is where on the timeline should people be recorded – at their birth, or date of significant achievement? There is no right answer. And a good argument can be made for either alternative or for recording both.

Information can be recorded on timelines by writing events down by hand, drawing pictures, sticking stickers, or gluing on pictures or pre-drawn timeline figures. Again there is no right answer, only personal preference. The greater learning experience would come from drawing pictures and writing captions down by hand. Of course, if this causes frustration and resistance to the project by your students then we have defeated the point. Furthermore, if we as the parents cannot bear the scribble displayed on our walls and will only consent to a wall timeline if it is meticulously done, then prepared timeline figures may be the way to go.

Pictures for your timeline can come from magazine clippings, Google images, clip-art books and CDs. There are companies that have produced historical timeline figures so that you can have everything you need stored in one place for easy retrieval. I am very impressed with the timeline figures drawn by Amy Pak entitled History Through the Ages. She has hand-drawn over 1,620 figures that include captions, ready to cut and paste onto your timeline. Sets are provided for ancient, medieval/renaissance and modern history. They are available as hardcopy sets or on CD-ROM.

A note on applying pictures or figures onto your timeline: a glue stick is a much better applicator than regular Elmer’s glue. Glue dots work as well, but the edges do not get sealed down very well, leaving the possibility that the figures might get knocked off inadvertently.

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Free Printable Invoice Templates

Free Printable Invoice Template in WordIf you are a new businesses and need to issue official business documents like invoices, receipts, purchase orders and the like. It is not easy to come up with an appropriate format or template in a few minutes. Fortunately, the internet has been providing information such as finding a good invoice example.

As long you are looking for something online, you have to be prepared to face some hurdles. There are numerous hurdles that you will encounter and the top on the list are scams. Although you may find an invoice format or template that you think is good, you may be made to pay a lot of money for it. It is thus important to look for trustworthy sites that will not use up a huge chunk of the company funds.

If you are using a limited company as your payment structure you will need to raise invoices for the services you provide or goods that you sell, this article explains how to prepare one with an example, the best practices you need to know, double taxes case example, proforma invoice example and in the end I will give you tips about how to find a good invoice example online, I will also include a couple of invoice example free download in Microsoft Word and Excel format for you to use.

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Free Printable Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template

Free Printable Silent Auction Bid Sheet Template in WordSilent auction bid sheets are the most important ingredient that helps to raise more funds. A bid sheet should contain the logo of your charitable organization, catalog number, description of the items to be auctioned, starting bid etc. You need to mention the minimum bid increment, which can help to avoid confusions. It is better to opt for the printed sheets, instead of using the hand written ones. You can use numbers, instead of using the names to make the competition sociable.

Creating bid sheets carefully can encourage great bidding and maximize your income. It is therefore worth to follow some simple rules to design a sheet properly.

Silent auction sheets can also include a definite purchase price, which gives the bidder a confidence to win an item. It is important to fix the purchase price at least 150% of the original value of the item. If you have multiple items to be auctioned, you can use labels or small blank stickers to list the items. This helps the bidder to keep track of the items easily. You can create multiple bid sheets, which include small grids. This helps to ensure what an individual bidder would actually receive. Multiple winners can cause great confusions, but they can be reduced by creating multiple sheets. You can make use of silent auction software to create bid sheets easily.

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