Free Blank Employee Performance Evaluation Comments Template

Free Printable Employee Performance Evaluation Comments Form in WordConsistent and constructive employee performance evaluations are important for employee morale. Employees want to know how they are doing, what they are doing well, as well as areas that need a little improvement in their results.

One of the biggest comments from employees in most organizations is that they don’t receive any feedback about how they are doing and if they do get any feedback, it’s almost always negative. While sometimes job reviews are not the most pleasant thing to receive, they should always be constructive.

Typically, annual reviews for employee performance evaluations are given on the anniversary date that the employee joined the company. Some companies prefer to bundle reviews together by department or division making tracking easier. Or, they perform all employee evaluations at the end of the calendar or fiscal year. The problem with this philosophy is employees could compare notes on reviews, which could lead to morale issues, plus managers can become overwhelmed by the number of performance reviews they must perform in a short amount of time.

Scheduling employee job reviews as close to an employees’ hire date is the best strategy for most companies. For most organizations, keeping track of when to give employee performance evaluations is the most difficult part. Having a quality system of tracking due dates and reminding managers when to have drafts of employee performance evaluations handed in to their approvers is another vital component to ensuring you get the reviews accomplished on time. Once a system is in place, the key is to get them written, approved, and given to the employee just before or within a week or two of the annual review date.

Even when employees receive constructive criticism, along with suggestions for improvement, in their performance evaluations at least they know where they stand and can work to improve their job performance. Those employees receiving a “good” or “excellent” performance review will be pleased to receive the feedback and motivated by it, particularly if it occurs on a regular basis.

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Literature Review Template

Free Printable Literature Review Template in PDFThe literature review is a crucial part of any research. The literature review is vital for two reasons, 1) establish the status quo and 2) identify the gaps in the status quo. Really, it is the gaps we are after. If after a literature review we do not identify a research gap then there really is nothing to proceed.

The researcher may already have a hunch about the gaps, but this must be borne out in the literature review. In other words, realistically, the researcher would likely have an idea of the gap, but it must be demonstrated in the literature review.

When conducting a literature review, the researcher first scans a document. If the content of this document (text, photo, audio, video, etc.) is not related to the area of research, then this document is discarded and the researcher looks at the next document. If the document appears to be relevant, the researcher adds it to a Reference collection where information such as the author, publisher, year, etc. are noted.

Then, reading through the document, the researcher extracts pertinent excerpts. Excerpts must be tagged with one or more codes. Codes are developed according to the idea a set of excerpts convey. As more excerpts are extracted, more codes are created. Thus, excerpts and codes may be created recursively. As more codes are created, the codes are arranged into some form of logical structure so that an idea leaning towards the proposed idea is developed.

As a code is created it must be subjected to the gap analysis. A common gap analysis considers the gap set PICOS (Population, Intervention, Comparison, Outcome and Setting) or PITAM (Population, Intervention, Theory, Analysis, Methodology). If a code has nothing different between its Current and Proposed state, with respect to the gap set, then there is no gap. A code that is not a gap may be dropped from subsequent research. However, its non-significance must be included in the literature review. If a code has at least one difference in the gap set, then there is a gap and the code could be important.

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Free Printable Timesheet Template Excel

Free Printable Timesheet Template in ExcelFor any company, timesheets are certainly important. Not keeping track of it’s employees time is among the biggest ways that businesses throw money away. Frequently, in organizations that do not accurately track the time of their employees, their employees will take advantage and get overpaid. In this posting, the value of timesheets and also the several types of timesheets are going to be discussed.

In the first place, timesheets make sure that the payroll is correct, which is a reason they are imperative to all companies. It could be easy to result in an error by making a mistake on the payroll, especially if you have a large company with numerous workers. When this takes place, you may be overpaying employees or finding disgruntled workers that are not getting paid enough.

The next thing to take into consideration about the incredible importance of timesheets would be the fact they are a written record in case afterwards, there is a dispute. An employee may try to declare they worked longer hours than they actually did, and this could cause a disruption. Now and again, workers have stated they did not get paid for time that they supposedly worked, and they have even threatened to sue.

Also, timesheets track overtime, which is another reason that they’re essential. For anything over 40 hours of work in a single week, workers are required to get paid time and a half in many states. Because of this, each and every hour that is overtime must be documented thoroughly.

There are several kinds of timesheets. If you’re on a budget you can just make use of a basic paper timesheet that will log the hours worked by a specific person. These timesheets will do the trick and help you keep solid records of your personnel even though they are not fancy. It is a great idea to keep records of all your staff for at least a year after they have completed their timesheet, and you’ll also need to make sure that these timesheets get turned into the accounting department.

You would be wise to buy computerized timesheets if you can afford a little technology. By using these, you’ll not have to worry about human error or people lying. Employees may attempt to put down false hours with manual timesheets. You will be aware, though, specifically when they clocked in and just when they clocked out with a computerized timesheet.

Operating a business can be difficult, and you must ensure you’re monitoring your workers’ times. Do remember to utilize timesheets, and don’t be unorganized. When the time comes and you save hundreds or thousands of dollars you will be thankful that you decided to invest in a solid timesheet system.

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Free Printable Employee Time Card Template

Free Printable Employee Time Card Template in ExcelAn employee can be punctual but it is not necessary that he gets his full payment. The payment of an employee is based on the payroll prepared by the concerned person. In case your job card is misplaced or gets mutilated then the person preparing the payroll might not be able to make a correct payroll and thus you might not be paid according to the work done by you. Therefore, it is necessary that employees should maintain the time card provided by the employer.

The employee time clock is widely used in organizations for effective maintenance of payroll of the employees. Similar to time cards, employee time clocks are also effective in maintaining the payroll of the employees working in an organization. Regardless of the large number of people working in an organization these clocks are able to maintain exact report of the attendance of the employee.

These clocks are also able to calculate the effective time for which an employee has worked and when he was out for recesses. Though a time record card can not automatically maintain these records, but there are several modern equipments that can automatically punch the time card of an employee. These devices work with all sorts of time card and an employee simply need to pick his card and punch it in the machine.

Time cards prove to be of use to the employees in more than single way. It is not just that the time cards register the in time and out time of an employee. Rather, you can also punch in the time interval when you were out and not working. In case of employee time clocks, an employee does not have any proof of his attendance. If the clock develops a snag, sometimes it does not register the attendance. However, this is not the case with time cards. If a particular employee picks up their individual card and punch it in the machine, it will register his attendance without fail.

Time cards are generally kept with the machine where an employee needs to punch it. Therefore, it is not necessary that you carry it around. However, the electronic time clocks work either with a punch in card or an identification proof that can be read by the console of the machine. Therefore, it is necessary that you have to carry the card that you have to punch on the electronic time clocks, and therefore is an extra burden. But this is not the case with time Record cards and thus it proves to be useful to an employee in one more way.

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Free Printable Blank Sales Invoice Template

Free Printable Sales Invoice Template in ExcelIt does not matter which kind of business you are in throughout time you will need to create an invoice for goods or services. To keep track of your customers you will need a proper invoice system. Many companies will also require you to invoice them if they have hired you. So even though you are not taking orders you might still need a good invoice form. No longer losing track of what is owed to you. Print out one for your customer or client, and keep one for your records. Invoices make record keeping easy – a definite plus at tax time!

Customized Invoices Templates

Our templates are easy to use and customizable. For a customized invoice just include the information you want on the form and create what you need. You too can create rent receipt, sales receipt forms or billing forms. We offer you the printable invoice templates you need to make your business to be successful. Achieving success isn’t just about money – it’s about looking professional – and we help you do that. Need multiple type of forms for your business? Not a problem – we have something to meet every need.

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Free Printable Business Letterhead Template

Free Blank Business Letterhead Template in WordIf you are a small company just starting out, you may be wondering where to begin. After all, there are so many things to decide, from office space to your advertising budget and even hiring staff. Perhaps you are a one person operation, and are looking for ways to enhance your effectiveness without spending too much money. Designing your own quality business letterhead is a great place to start! With the right logo in place on all your marketing materials, you are set up for creating a cohesive idea of who your company is and what it can offer. If you need some ideas to help get you started, here is a short list of some benefits having a custom letterhead can bring you.

The first benefit a good letterhead brings, is the professional image it will convey. A poorly designed letterhead can lose customers for you, as they will be able to spot it from a mile away. Even though you are a small company, you do things with quality always in mind. Shouldn’t your business letterhead convey this message as well, and speak of the superior nature of your products and services? Having an excellent letterhead design firmly in place, will tell your potential and existing customers that you are professional in all that you do.

Secondly, a solid emblem at the top of your correspondence will plant your value subtly in your customer’s minds. With your logo at the top of each piece of marketing material you send, you will be reinforcing your value to your customers without saying a word. An especially good business letterhead conveys your mission, and will remind your clients what you bring to the table. If you specialize in saving your customers money for example, prominently featuring this in your letterhead will boldly announce this fact with every letter you send. Even such a subtle marketing technique can have large results when skillfully crafted. After all, with the blitz of advertisement from every angle today, consumers are prone to tune out loud advertising efforts. Yet, a background reminder of who you are and the value you bring, may go unnoticed consciously but still have the effect you desire.

For a marketing effort which is truly seamlessly integrated, include your business letterhead on all your printed materials. Add it to your business cards, and envelopes too, and your customers will begin to recognize your brand. This type of visibility only leads to more business, and can instill loyalty to your products and services as well. They can assist you in crafting your design to strike just the right note, with their easy to use preloaded templates which you can customize as you see fit. Also, your color choice is as important as your design itself, and their full palette of options will ensure that your business letterhead comes out just as you imagined.

You won’t find a better partner for your business printing needs. With economical prices and superior customers service, you’ll enjoy every step of the process. Your letterhead will never look better, and it will help bring you the business which you desire!

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Free Printable Employee Evaluation Form

Free Printable Employee Evaluation Form in PDFEmployees should regularly be told how they are working, and how they can improve in the future. One great way of evaluating their performance is by offering them feedback with the help of employee evaluation forms. These forms should not be filled only once or twice in the entire career of an employee. In fact, they can be only helpful if they are referred to over and again. This process should start right at the time of employee’s appointment in the company and should continue till the end of his job in that particular company. This will not only benefit the employee but even the company.

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Simple Tri Fold Brochure Design

Free Editable Tri Fold Brochure Template in WordThere are many tri fold brochure designs that you can create depending on the occasion or event you are creating it for. The best type of designs are those that are created with a front and back image. This sets a more professional look and will set you apart from a very plain looking program brochure.

You can create designs in Photoshop using your PC or MAC computer. There are various different sizing when it comes to tri folds. They can come in letter, legal or tabloid sizes. So determine which you want to create and then set you Photoshop file according to those dimensions.

Try to place three dimensional images into the background, so instead of having just one image of let’s say a landscape, collage in 2 or 3 more images into the landscape background. This gives it a more dimensional feel and not so flat. The more time you put into it, the more attractive it will look in the end.

You can use images you’ve taken from your own digital camera or one you’ve purchased from a stock company. If you don’t want to create one from scratch, consider using a template which will have the design background already completed for you. Remember to look for those with more than just a cover design so you can have a complete presentation.

These types of templates generally come in an array of different applications such as InDesign, Photoshop, WORD, Publisher, and iWork Pages software. Choose the one you feel most comfortable using.

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