Free Printable Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Procedures in Sharing the Silent Auction Bid Sheets

Free Blank Silent Auction Bid Sheets in WordAn auction event usually makes a lot of noises. Many people raise their hand or number board and shouted their bid and do it repeatedly until the highest bid gets the stuff. Too much noise and unstable emotion are the usual situations in the auction event, but there is another alternative to that situation. There is also a silence auction if you prefer your auction event to be quiet. The silence auction is very different with the normal auction or bidding because here the bidder must give their bids silently by writing them on a paper. The officers will then take the paper from you and write the amount of the bid on their silent auction bid sheets.

In silent auction forms, there are various details included about the bidder’s information. Some of them include name, phone, and number, also the bid amount. After all of the bidders give their bidding amounts, the auctioneer will find the highest bid amount and announce it at the end of the event. For others bidders who did not win the item, there is usually another chance. The auctioneer or officers will go to the next highest bidder and give them another chance to win some other items. This kind of silence auction is usually held for charity events at school or work to open auctions for their students’ masterpieces.

To make a good basic silent auction template, there are some aspects that must be understood by the auctioneer and the bidder. Here are certain things that must be understood in the silence auction. Some of them include the item display, desirable items, bidding sheets, volunteers, and also auction monitors. The most important in the auction is the item display, the event organizer must make sure if the item display is a reactive enough to get the bidder’s attention. In the silence auction, the bid sheets will help the auctioneer to know the highest bid from a lot of bidders.

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