Free Editable Table Tent Template Word

Free Printable Table Tent Template Word

Table Tents: A Practical Guide For Bars And Restaurants

Restaurants and bars often advertise online, in printed publications, or by word of mouth reputation. These tactics help get hungry (or thirsty) customers in the door, but why stop advertising there? As a supplement to the printed menu, table-top displays are a great way to continue marketing your establishment.

The secret?

Repetition. By placing a table tent or other card display on each table or counter in your eatery, you increase the chance that customers will order food specials, seasonal drinks, and the like. With little effort, every patron in your restaurant will be aware of your promotions before the waiter even gets to the table. And for the maraschino cherry on top, table tents are inexpensive, especially when purchased in bulk. Considering their low cost and the amount of tables in your establishment, table tent marketing is the most cost-effective way to generate business. This article will attempt to provide a general description of a few different table tent styles and why restaurant managers and owners should take note.

A Standard Table Tent is a double-sided easel display, often fabricated from injection-molded plastic or heat-formed acrylic. These types are the great for those with a smaller budget. Other cost sensitive styles include one-sided angled displays, double-sided top loading frames, and T-style holders where back to back menus can be inserted through the bottom of the frames. These styles are great for high traffic service areas, often seen in restaurant chains and fast food counter tops. Eat-in and take-out customers alike are drawn to these small ads, often picking them up and reading more.

Multi-Panel Table Tents are great mechanisms to display a lot of information in a small space. Crafted from heat-formed acrylic plastic, and available in 2, 3, and 4 paneled sizes, these displays can be used simply for specials and promotions or to display full menus. With 4 panels, you have 8 opportunities to maximize your promotional impact. (Hint: Get creative with additional space! Use an empty panel space to give a brief history of the restaurant, or a list of accolades it has received for a little well-intentioned publicity.)

Flip Chart Table Tents are the fun, irresistible cousins of the multi-panel family. They serve the same purpose as the multiple panels, increasing information in a smaller space, but they have an interactive appeal to them. These displays work almost counter-intuitively, by displaying less immediate information, the customer is inclined to want more and inevitably flips through every page. Most menu rolls consist of a vertical stand with rings to attach the clear vinyl card sleeves. A majority of flip charts come with 10 vinyl sleeves (with extras available for purchase).

Designer Table Tents are great in upscale establishments (the kind of places where traditional table tents would stick out, but in the wrong way). A popular style is one of the contemporary sign holders that feature curved designs. Creating a sense of depth with a concave or convex presentation is a stylish way to catch a patron’s eye. Crafted from steel, the displays are designed with a magnetic “lift up” lens to keep the content in place. This feature makes graphic changes quick and easy (ie. switching from lunch to dinner). Other styles are available in black leatherette or solid wood, suiting even the most high-end establishments.

No matter which style you choose, table tents are a proven economic and effective method of promoting your offerings. The displays do the work for you, and are easy to change to keep your message fresh. They protect your printed materials from the all too frequent table spills, and are cheap enough to have extras on hand if one gets damaged. Having table tents displayed throughout your restaurant is a great low-effort marketing tool that when used correctly, can only add to your restaurant’s success.

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