Creating DIY Certificate Design Template

A certificate is a sign of acknowledgment that people usually get after they get new experience, goals or lesson from colleges, universities, institutions, organizations, or companies. If you are in-charge in a company to create your own template for them, there are many ways where you can create them in DIY style. There are many […]

Different Kinds of Certificate of Completion Template

To appreciate your employees in completing a specific task, such as training, you can give them a certificate of completion. A certificate can be a good appreciation form for them to acknowledge that they have completed a task or training. For students, this kind of certificate can give them a better chance of getting into […]

Acknowledge with a Certificate of Recognition

Certificate of recognition is given to someone who needs to be acknowledged. This kind of certificate is usually given to employees, students or anyone who has done their hard work. The certificate is presented to appreciate their work and effort. Some of these certificates are valid for a lifetime but there are also some certificates […]